Regular Bathing and Upgrades!

It starts with a massaging bath with the FURminator deShedding shampoo
that separates your pet’s coat, stimulates your pet’s hair follicles and

The FURminator deShedding Rince is applied. This specially formulated all-
natural solution helps to loosen the undercoat and loose hair. We use the
next 5 mins to massage the coat with a curry brush.

A high velocity dryer separates and eliminates the excess coat and loose
hair on your pet. This targeted blow drying process is followed by thorough
brushing and combing.

The special patented FURminator deShedding tool is then used for 10
minutes to extract loose hair and undercoat from your pet ... leaving only
the shiny and healthy top coat.


We offer a FURminator
upgrade package for $15 in addition to your bath cost.