Screening Process
All dogs must pass a temperament test to assure that they are both dog- and people-
friendly.  It is important for the health and safety of all that the dogs attending daycare do
not have aggressive tendencies, show excessive shyness, are food or toy possessive,
are overly protective of territory, or are stressed easily in new situations.

On your dog's first day of daycare, your dog will be tested for attitude and human
handling.  This includes all four paws being picked up, petting all over your dog’s body,
restraining your dog with a big hug, checking teeth and ears, and observing how
comfortable your dog is physically and emotionally with this kind of contact.  Dog
screening will take place on the first morning that your dog comes to daycare.  
Before your dog comes to play
What is the value of daycare at Puppy Love?
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What is dog daycare at Puppy Love?
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