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What is daycare at Puppy Love

Simply put, dog daycare is a supervised environment where dogs play off-leash with other dogs. Puppy Love's daycare facility offers separate play areas designed for different size dogs and play styles. The dogs enrolled in daycare are taken outside for recess several times a day to enjoy our fenced-in-play yard. All play areas feature a fun atmosphere, toys, beds, fresh water, and daily scheduled activities. (Calendar of Activities)


Why dog daycare

Dogs left alone all day may become bored and anxious often leading to bad behavior and worse yet, a lonely dog! Even dogs who are lucky enough to spend the day with their owner often miss out on socializing with other dogs. At Puppy Love your dog gets both socialization and energy burning playtime!  You'll get a happier dog and your own peace of mind at the end of the day.


What are the requirements

  • Vaccinations: Annual DHPP, Bordetella & Rabies. We also accept current titers
  • Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive towards dogs and humans
  • Flea Prevention: Your dog MUST be flea-free
  • Age: Puppies must be no less than 4 months of age
  • Altered: Spay/Neuter required by 6 months of age. Large & giant breed required by 12 months of age with documentation from the attending veterinarian. No females in heat.
  • Collars: All dogs must have a quick-release collar with name tag 

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